Do you need anything for this special moment? Trying to find a look that will impress?Something that will make you feel and look beautiful?

With a vast selection of evening, formal, cocktail, and party dresses from Clotho Girl, we're sure to have a look for you that will set you apart from the rest. Since fashion and taste continuously evolve, we always follow the most recent developments! Clotho employs sustainable practices across all of the company's touchpoints, including collection design, fabric supplying, and reducing the unnecessary use of natural resources. Producing with the environment in mind can affect social awareness, environmental change, and discussions about more ethical and conscious consumption. Clotho's aesthetic is sophisticated and technical. Each collection combines inventive design with a form-consciousness. Textiles are designed to create sculptural adornments. Architectural silhouettes are cut apart to promote motion, the movement of air and light, and movement. By concentrating on design features for modern women, we offer an exciting and seamless seven-day wardrobe to empower the Clotho woman to pursue her life of urban outfitting, modern work utility, and beyond - all at an affordable price-point; unrivalled in reliability, and seamlessly transitional.

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About Us

Life is too short to wear boring clothes!

Women who want to feel great, look good, and show off without breaking the bank can shop at CLOTHO. We provide a wide selection of apparel to suit all types of women because we firmly think that fashion is a form of self-expression. With our sophisticated selection of fabric and a team of best desingers in town, Clotho has advanced the technique of fashion industry. All of our clothing is made with practical sophistication and timelessly elegant details that emphasise the distinctively feminine while putting versatility and functionality at the forefront of designs. Our clothes are designed to be comfortable to wear and make getting dressed a breeze.
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You can transition from a wonderful day at the beach to an afternoon of refreshments at your neighbourhood with our range of ready-to-wear, casual clothes. We want ladies to feel confident and elegantly fashionable at the end of the day.